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Information On Renting Out Homes & Units

Greetings and thank you for visiting Rent Masters. The Help-U-Rent System and FULL-SERVICE Management was created for you, the property owner. This system is based on quality service at a great price to produce great results.


Rent Masters Charges a standard 7.9% for full premium service management. If you have multiple rentals, you can receive a discount to 7.5% The Help-U-RENT management fee is only 4.9% or 4.5% with multiple rentals.


There are periods of an influx of applicants that Rent Masters will help you capture higher rents! This is important for some other companies just slash prices down until the units rent- regardless of the demand. That doesn't help our owners to maximize profits. We know about these secret "Seasonal" periods that other companies don't pay attention to.


As an owner you need to be proactive in providing better value than your neighbor to capture these quality applicants first. We will put all our efforts into ensuring you don’t go months with a vacant unit and net you the highest possible rents to the best possible tenants!


Best value doesn’t necessarily mean best price. If your unit has better amenities like a washer and dryer in the unit or nicer appliances and fixtures etc., that will attract the applicants over your neighboring competitor rental as well. This will also allow Rent Masters to get higher rents for you over your competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service to our owners. We will treat your property with the utmost care and respect as if it were our own.

For more information on how we accomplish this, please refer to the FAQ below:

Rent masters will require rents by the tenants in to us by the 5th of every month. We take out our nominal fee and allow a few business days for the checks to clear. We then send out the Owner’s rent share around the 10th of every month.

  • Rent Masters is a professional and fully insured company and now Bonded for your assurance! Although the day to day duties seem manageable, if you don’t have the proper insurance on managing your rental as well as knowing all the current land lord tenant codes and discrimination policies, it is a tremendous liability for an owner to self-manage. A tenant can raise a lawsuit for anything these days. It is not worth the risk.
  • Tenants are leery of bad owners who may be overly biased on check-out conditions, withhold deposits unjustifiably, or don't apply the land lord tenant code properly when dealing with tenancy issues. Some tenants have expressed preferring to work through an agency which will be ethically bound by Real Estate standards and fairly apply landlord tenant code which protects tenants rights as well. This may be the reason why some units by private owners get less traffic from good applicants.
  • Current contracts need written permission. If you are self-managing and using the board of realtors or another party’s contract, you may be considered illegally using copy written material. The Board of Realtors rental agreement in particular is popular to use by owners BUT requires a RE BROKERS signature to use and is illegal to use privately. Online downloadable contracts often have major aspects of the Hawaii landlord tenant code and contractual terms missing or portray illegal and unenforceable terms if operating in our state.
  • Best Quality Best Fee Rates. This is our motto. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service and we fully support our owners in any dispute or resolution. We have a long-standing reputation of providing the best management fee and rates in Hawaii.

If you are ready to save money under our management system, then just put in writing (email is fine) to your current management company that you would like to cease management services with them. Date, sign, and that's it. Check your management agreement, most companies have a 30 or 60 day cancellation policy. Upon the date of cancelation, your current company will forward to you all documentation and deposits (if applicable) which you can then administer to Rent Masters. Any current contracts with your tenant will be honored through its expiration then will be updated with newer contracts through Rent Masters upon its expiration. Don’t feel bad for your previous company. This is a business decision on your rental and they will fully understand you wanting to save money in this economy.

Call or email Rent Masters for a management agreement. Fill that out and fax, email or mail that back to Rent Masters. Chad Omori, Principal Broker, will get in contact with you right away to determine your rental offering price and set up your online rental ad. If you are on the Help-U-Rent System, You will also be given a rental packet which will include a check-in inspection and simple showing instructions as well as discrimination and land lord tenant code information. Taking 3-5 digital pictures and emailing them to Rent Masters will help to get your ad up and running right away.

Once everything is up and running, you can just hang tight until Rent Masters contacts you with a few leads on showings. With our system, sometimes you will get a showing request the same day; however the average time of re-renting units through our system is about 1-2 weeks.

Congratulations! Contact us back and let us know who you have accepted. We will contact the tenant, and get them signed up on our contract. We will get the tenant all the disclosures and brief them on your unit and contract terms. Upon check in, you will meet the tenant with 2 sets of keys and a check-in inspection sheet that you can mark and walk through with your new tenant.

Rent Masters will contact the tenant and firmly work out a plan to re-pay you for any damages. We will do everything within the law to enforce and coerce proper reimbursements. Luckily this is a rare occurance. If Rent Masters is not able to reconcile a mutual agreement between you, the owner, and your tenant, we will help you to set up and contact a professional mediator to arbitrate a legal opinion that can be made binding. All parties will have to pay for their own legal expenses incurred. We will also advise you of the legal options of attorneys or small claims court proceedings and help you file credit liens against your tenants should the rise occur.

Help-U-Rent System

Rent Masters will provide a management agreement and all documentation that the owners and tenants will need.

Owners will do all physical site visits including and not limited to: showings, check in/outs, meeting vendors and inspections.

Rent Masters will advertise your online ads free on the major media online outlets that facilitate rentals locally as well as showcasing a full profile of your rental on our website. Owners have the option to pay for their own additional advertising should they choose.

Rent Masters will screen all applicants thoroughly on credit, backgrounds, referrals, employment and previous tenancy history.

Rent Masters will coordinate for you, all showings, check-ins and check-out procedures.

Rent Masters will perform all accounting for the rental unit which includes monthly and year end statements sent to the owners.

Rent Masters will field all day to day calls and solve all issues internally if possible. Any issue needing a decision from you the owner will be communicated promptly.

Upon accepting an applicant in your unit, Rent Masters will pickup all the further processing which will include: Filling out the rental agreements; rent collection set up and monthly reconciliation; field all issues with the rental throughout the tenancy and make necessary arrangements to repair, replace or clean the unit with the owner’s prior approval.

Multiple rentals from the same owner may qualify for a larger management fee discount.

Rent Masters is fully committed to servicing your rental mangement for the long term. We will assure that your rental is properly maintained and upkept to your highest standards or the tenant will compensate you for any issue.

Full Services Option

Full Service will include all the above duties and all physical site visits including and not limited to: showings, check in/outs, meeting vendors and inspections.

We assure rentals are maintained to the highest standards