4.9% Management fee!!

The Help-U-Rent-System is a remarkable new concept engineered for the savvy owner and tenant who strives for value. This system is founded on a best common sense approach integrated with information technology for the most optimal tenancy facilitation.
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7.9% Management fee!!

Rent Masters will perform Full-Service Rental Management for a great nominal fee of 7.9% Owners with multiple units will qualify for larger discounts. Certain restrictions apply.
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Welcome to Rent Masters!


Rent Masters
  • Are you paying monthly fees to a property management firm for doing relatively nothing month after month?
  • Are you paying more than 8% in fees for full-management and feel it is kind of too high?
  • Do you have an investment rental that is taking too long to re-rent thus ending up in an extra month or two (OR MORE) of lost rental income?
  • Do you have trouble tenants that miss payments with no late fees or you suspect are causing damages to your unit?
  • Do you want to evict and replace tenants or go after them legally but are not sure of the process or even want to deal with it?
  • Did you repair and fix up your investment rental only to find out that after a few years of management under a different company, the place looks nothing like how you fixed it up and probably needs another investment in repairs/remodeling?
♦ Rent Masters with their FULL-SERVICE Management provides their exceptional rental management for the lowest fees at 7.9%.  Other companies claim to have the lowest fees but charge more for the first month or move in month and charge an application fee to potential tenants- hindering the re-rental efficiently.  

♦ You want the best service at the best rates with the best results- then you have found the right Real Estate Brokerage!   Owner's with multiple properties will qualify for larger discounts so inquire today!

♦ We also have a Help-U-Rent System for our owners who want to get more involved with the rental facilitation.  
♦ You have an option! Rent Masters specializes in troubled rentals and provide the rental relief you seek to re-rent your unit fast at the highest market price.  We also specialize in troubled tenants and get them to firmly work with us for a successful tenancy or move. Whether on the Help-U-Rent or Full-Service we will help you through any legal issues with your tenant during and after the tenancy period for any damages, problems or litigation. 
♦ Results!  Check out other management company’s websites and their available rental page.  Bigger does NOT mean better.  If they have 20+ available rentals on their website they are not able to service your rental competitively!  Why pay 8-10% and have your rental sit with a big company that cannot move your rental?  We understand the importance of treating a good tenant like a good customer!  They make you money and make our lives easier.  We treat them with much Aloha and Professionalism.  We don’t Charge Application fees!  We schedule showings on their time! We go out of our way to work with you the owner to provide the best value over your competitors and highlight that to the best tenants and reel them in!  If you are going month after month with out rent with your current company- come on over- see the difference!

 Call Rent Masters Today!  You will see how simple it is to save Thousands of dollars in fees per year and assure your investment property is well kept and cared for by good tenants!  Email or call us for a Management Agreement to get started today!  

Have additional questions?  See our OWNER FAQ PAGE  

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